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Vat Refund on Cross Border Transaction

Before you get into the VAT refund thing, you have to make sure that you are eligible to get the VAT refund or not. If you are doing business in any EU country and you are established there, you might not get a VAT refund. However, if you are not established there, you will be eligible for getting the VAT refund from the authorities of the country.

All you need to know about VAT Refund

In most cases, the business of these days that do not usually supply services and goods do not entitle to deduct the VAT if they are in connection with the activities with any EU country. They are not required for registering for VAT even. The deduction here is made of a refund from the EU country. More specifically, where they paid the VAT, the deduction is made from that place.

Process of Getting Refund

Here, we have our Accountant Fillippo for helping you out in the matter of VAT refunds. If you want to avoid their potential language problems, applicants must pay attention to sending an electronic refund claim to us. For you, we will directly send it to the natural tax authorities.

The national tax authorities are capable of forwarding the claim to the EU country. To be precised, the national tax authorities will send it to the place where the applicant incurred the VAT. In the whole process, they will confirm the identity of the applicant and the VAT identification number along with the validity of the claim

Period for Vat Refunds

When it comes to cross border VAT refund, it more or less takes 30 days to refund you the money you have provided as VAT. When the HMRC will get you VAT Return application, it will take 30-32 days for refunding the VAT. We refund you through the bank and in some cases; they also pay you through cheque or payable order.

Codes for Service or Goods

When you are going to claim the VAT refund, you will need to select the codes for the goods or the services you work for or you do the business for. There are several expenditure codes and we will mention some here.

  • Fuel
  • Accommodation
  • Food, drink and restaurant service
  • Hiring of transport
  • Admissions to exhibitions and fairs
  • Travel expenses
  • Road user charge and road tolls
  • Expenses on entertainment, luxuries, and amusement
  • Others

FAQ on Vat Refund on Transaction

When can I claim my VAT refund?

You can only claim VAT Refund if you are doing business in the EU, but you are not established there. In this case, the EU will charge VAT on your business activities. If you are a company in Switzerland and you take part in a conference going on in Belgium, you will surely be charged BE VAT. And in this case, you can claim the VAT Refund.

What happens if I get the refund late?

As getting the refund is a little lengthy process, it might take some time. However, the tax authorities don’t take too much time. If the tax authorities of the EU country where you incurred the VAT take too much time, you, as an applicant, will be getting interested in the refund money.

How do we help you?

We help you in counting the perfect amount of vat and ensuring you that you get the right amount of VAT Refund. We are also promised to help you in getting the VAT Refund within the given time.

Wrap Up

The process of VAT Refund is tough and not everybody will understand it. However, we are always here to help you out with the proper guidance. If you are planning to get a VAT Refund and you are worried, come to us, we will take care of all your difficulties.

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