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Filippo Scatigna

The Italian Accountant Filippo Scatigna provides tax, administrative, advisory, accountancy services to companies, sole traders, professionals and individuals.

As a fluent English speaker I specialise on offering advice and accountancy services to English-speaking non-Italians on all Italian taxation needs such as buying a property, freelancing or running businesses in Italy.

I also offer EU Companies and Non EU Companies the Registration and Reporting service for VAT in Italy.

I am a qualified Italian Consultant registered on the Italian Accountants Roll (Dottori e Ragioneri Commercialisti) in Bari and is a qualified auditor (Revisori Contabili) with more the 10 years of experience.

The main purpose of my professional services is client satisfaction and I believes that providing clients with tailor-made solutions together with a helpful and friendly service will help to build successful relationships and give clients peace of mind.

Customer confidence is an essential ingredient in business. That is why I constantly give the maximum attention to transparency and clearness.

My experience is guarantee of a constant up to date and professional consultancy service, guiding companies and professionals through fiscal and administrative practices.


Contact us today – drop us a line and we will get back to you. In English, of course!

Italy is a wonderful country in many ways, but Italian taxes and bureaucracy can be a nightmare.

How do you handle Italian income tax returns?

What do you do about Italian VAT?

How do you set up a business or buy a property in Italy?

There are so many questions and maybe your Italian isn’t that good or your current commercialista just doesn’t get it.

Studio Scatigna of the Italian Accountant Filippo Scatigna will take care of everything.

The highest standards of courtesy and efficiency are pivotal to the Studio’s success while also offering competitive rates.

Our Accountancy Services Will Help With:

  • Buying a property in Italy
  • Setting up or running a small business in Italy
  • Applying for and Paying Italian VAT (Iva)
  • Getting a Codice Fiscale
  • Italian income tax returns for residents
  • Investing in Italy
  • Getting Italian Health Service cover

To find out more, please take a look at the services on offer or request for a free quote.

Contact us today – drop us a line and we will get back to you. In English, of course!